Case Study

Business Branding

Sugar and Lemon Day Spa


Sugar & Lemon Day Spa, situated in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializes in sugaring hair removal and spa treatments. The task at hand involved creating a brand identity from scratch.

Pain Point

The challenge lay in establishing a brand that could effectively convey the tranquil spa experience while incorporating the theme of lemons, which was crucial for the client’s vision. Additionally, the unconventional use of yellow as the primary color for a spa required careful consideration.

The Solution

To address this, I crafted an iconic logo featuring the combination of honey and lemons, resonating well with the client’s vision. The bold use of yellow, while atypical for a spa, harmoniously encapsulated the essence of Sugar & Lemon, resulting in a unique and appealing brand identity.

Design Deliverables

Stage & Podium |  Brochure  |  Catalog  |  Wine List  |  Posters  |  Banners  |  Post Card  |  Bandanas  |  Web Banners  |  Mobile Icon  |  Bingo Cards  |