Case Study

Outreach Branding



The Nevada Interprofessional Healthy Aging Network (NIHAN) is a collaborative initiative in Nevada dedicated to promoting healthy aging practices. By bringing together professionals from various disciplines, NIHAN strives to share knowledge, resources, and strategies to enhance the well-being and quality of life for the state’s elderly population.

Pain Point

Nihan required distributing information to their elderly audience. They sought multiple TIP SHEETS brochures in both hardcopy and digital PDF formats, suitable for home printing. Within the digital versions, all social media symbols, logos, email, and phone numbers offer clickable direct links.

The Solution

The strategy adopted was tailored to be senior-friendly. The text was enlarged for better readability. Although there was a lot of content, it was organized in a straightforward and comprehensible layout. Moreover, many of the brochures featured exercise illustrations that I personally created. This allowed for a unique, personalized touch, ensuring that the information resonated more effectively with the target audience. 

Design Deliverables

Brochures |  Illustrations  |  Interactive files