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Case Study

Business Branding

APIC Corporate


APIC (Association of Professional Investment Consultants) consists of a distinguished collective of professionals who, despite their varied practices, share a personal and professional dedication to ongoing education and growth.

Pain Point

APIC’s previous branding had a traditional feel, making it imperative to modernize their logo and image. A contemporary update was crucial to appeal to the emerging generation of investment consultants.

The Solution

In updating APIC’s visual identity, I chose to evolve from their longstanding column icon, infusing it with a modern twist. Recognizing the importance of continuity, I maintained elements of the original while steering it towards contemporary design aesthetics. Additionally, I introduced a fresh color palette, grounded in varying shades of blue, complemented by carefully selected accent colors. This revamp not only modernizes their brand but also pays homage to their enduring legacy.

Design Deliverables

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