Case Study

Business Branding

Dementia Friendly America


Dementia Friendly America – Nevada received a grant from the Cleveland Clinic for their research on navigating the dementia journey in Nevada.

Pain Point

Dementia Friendly America – Nevada grappled with a pressing concern: the overwhelming landscape of resources and information for dementia patients and their caregivers. For those traversing the challenging journey of dementia, having a labyrinth of scattered resources added unnecessary stress and confusion, making it difficult to access the right support and guidance at crucial times.

Thankfully, a grant provided a beacon of hope. While the funding was a much-needed boost, it also highlighted the urgency to consolidate and present the myriad of information in an accessible format. The responsibility was not just to list resources but to create a cohesive guide that resonated with the unique needs and challenges faced by dementia patients and their caregivers in Nevada.

The Solution

For the dementia community in Nevada, navigating the maze of resources and support can be overwhelming and confusing. Recognizing this pain point, a comprehensive 56-page booklet was crafted. This guide accentuates the myriad resources tailored for dementia patients and their caregivers in the state. With a design ethos centered around clarity and conciseness, the booklet features intuitive color-coding to facilitate seamless navigation. It encapsulates a spectrum of topics, ensuring caregivers and patients can effortlessly find information — be it for action planning or seeking legal and financial aid.

Design Deliverables