Case Study

Business Branding

Grant A Gift Autism Foundation


The Grant A Gift Autism Foundation has long stood as a beacon of hope for countless families. Established with the mission to bridge the gap and provide critical life skills, vocational training, and financial support to children on the autism spectrum, the foundation has dedicated itself to making tangible, life-changing impacts on the autism community.

Pain Point

For the Grant A Gift Autism Foundation, their brand identity had somewhat become outdated and did not effectively communicate the full scope of their extensive endeavors. Additionally, it was important for the foundation to convey the inclusivity, diversity, and wide range of services they offer in a more modern and approachable manner.

The Solution

When redesigning the look for the Grant A Gift Autism Foundation, I focused on what kids with autism connect with. These designs are like visual stories that relate to their experiences.

I also included a rainbow design. This shows how different and unique each person with autism is, and it brings a positive and united vibe to the brand. I added real photos of kids from the foundation to make it more personal. It’s not just about a cool design; it’s about showing the real people and their stories. With this new look, the foundation stands out more and shows its strong commitment to the autism community.

Design Deliverables

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