Case Study

Business Branding

Aesthetic Envy and Wellness


Aesthetic Envy and Wellness is a new spa in Las Vegas. this spa brings together the best of cosmetic treatments with the sole aim of helping its clients look and feel extraordinary. From the art of Botox and fillers to the nuances of chemical peels and microneedling with PRP, Aesthetic Envy and Wellness seamlessly melds innovation with elegance.

Pain Point

Aesthetic Envy and Wellness needed to establishing an identity that would not only stand out but also resonate with their customers. The client’s unique requirement was to center this identity around the color purple, which, although uncommon for spas, was to symbolize the perfect blend of luxury and tranquility. In addition, the brand had to strike the delicate balance of appearing modern, friendly, approachable, and elegant, ensuring it would appeal to a wide demographic while retaining an air of exclusivity.

The Solution

The cornerstone of this branding was a logo that was both modern and memorable, effortlessly radiating friendliness and approachability. Crafted meticulously, the logo perfectly encapsulated the essence of the spa’s offerings and values.

Diving deep into color psychology, a color palette that leaned on the cooler side of purple was chosen. This choice was strategic. The cooler hues of purple invoke feelings of sophistication, luxury, and calm – aligning perfectly with the brand’s objectives. The resultant aesthetic did not merely adhere to the client’s specifications but also painted Aesthetic Envy and Wellness as a contemporary sanctuary dedicated to beauty and well-being.

Design Deliverables

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