Case Study

Business Branding

APIC Corporate


APIC, Association of Professional Investment Consultants, is a group of highly qualified professionals, with diverse practices, personally and professionally committed to a process of continuous learning and professional growth.

Pain Point

APIC’s branding felt anchored in tradition, with a logo that resonated more with yesteryears. To appeal to the next generation of investment consultants, a brand modernization was imperative.

The Solution

Facing a dated logo and branding, APIC recognized the need for modernization. This transformation was essential to appeal to the emerging generation of investment consultants and bring a fresh vitality to their group’s image. Leveraging the “column” motif from their previous design, I crafted a contemporary interpretation for APIC. This modern rendition positioned them at the forefront of the investment community, ensuring relevance and resonance.

Design Deliverables

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