Case Study

Event Branding

APIC Conference 2019


The annual APIC (Association of Professional Investment Consultants) conference rotates locations across the U.S. Membership is available to FAs utilizing any Consulting Group platform at Morgan Stanley.

Pain Point

For the 2019 APIC conference in Nashville, Tennessee, there was a clear mission: to brand the event around the theme “Interrupt the Disruption”. The aim was not only to engage longstanding members but also to draw in new participants with a fresh, modern approach that resonates with the evolving landscape of investment consultancy. The vibe? Modern and contemporary, yet welcoming.

The Solution

In addressing APIC’s vision for their conference, I devised an innovative design approach. Drawing from the theme of ‘disruption’, I crafted line-work that embodied both the tumultuous nature of disruption and the steadiness of resolution and interruption. This balanced representation offered a serene and clear solution, perfectly encapsulating their objective of ‘interrupting the disruption’

Design Deliverables

Stage & Podium |  Brochure  |  Catalog  |  Wine List  |  Posters  |  Banners  |  Post Card  |  Bandanas  |  Web Banners  |  Mobile Icon  |  Bingo Cards  |