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Webinar takeaways,
Linkedin voice profile, and Moodboards

A benefit of being home these days is that I can attend webinars and conferences online. Most webinars are free or at a low cost. I can connect with other people who are very willing to connect as well. I like online meetings because they give me the ability to exercise my punctuality skills. When an online meeting begins at 10am, it actually does.


Also, and my favorite part about webinars is…. I can leave whenever I want to.

My webinar takeaways: 

At last week’s marketing webinar, I learned about best practices for newsletters. Newsletters are an excellent, and a must, marketing tool.

In 2021, Nonprofits should use newsletters to nurture their sponsors for the big ask. Businesses, for promotional purposes. And grant projects, as a mean of communication

Organize your newsletter by blocks.

Sections and color really speak to clients and consumers. It keep the newsletter organized and clean. The best part is that by using this method one can brand all the way to the moon, and look professional while doing it.

People connect
to people.

While graphics and drawings can bring a modern or emphatic take to the newsletter, images of people are always best. People connect to the eyes in the images and registers them as human, therefore categorized at important.

No videos

Studies have shown that placing videos in a newsletter is not a useful tool for marketing.  Videos are too distracting and the grand majority do not help with a CTA. Furthermore, links to a video take the customer away from the newsletter and do not finish seeing the all important one is sharing.

Words are ok

Length of a newsletter is not too important. Clients will read on when the newsletter content is pertinent.

Did you know?

Now you can add your voice to your LinkedIn profile? It’s true. This can only be done on the LinkedIn mobile app. It’s under “Edit profile” and it’s called “name pronunciation.” It gives you about 10 seconds to record the correct pronunciation of your name or your elevator speech. Listen to mine here. (click on the sound icon next to my name).

Pinterest Moodboards

I have been in the practice of using Pinterest as a moodboard with many of my clients. I use Pinterest because it helps both me and the client figure out the voice they are trying to convey through their projects. this is specially helpful for websites or event branding.

A nonprofit fundraising gala’s theme is “The Great Gatsby.” The client and I populate the pinterest board I create for the project and we show each other the mood and feeling of the event.

Pinterest helps me immerse myself in a project.

Also, I like it because constantly see the latest trends for design. You can follow me here

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